Oded Balilty of the Associated Press won a Pulitzer Prize for his photograph of a lone settler woman defying Israeli security forces.


1. Let's look, ASSIGNMENT #9 Simulated Live Assignment
2. RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT: Who was Robert Capa & Magnum
3. Lesson; Assignment categories, Documentary vs. Non-Documentary & Illustration
4. Discuss your Final Project ideas
5. National Geographic multimedia; TRUE COLORS, JERSEY SHORE,
other National Geographic Essays
See video with National Geographic photographers.
EXAM:CHANGED: April 13th. Mark it down now, no make-up exams will be given.
REMINDER: Please slug and caption your photos correctly, do not be careless
-it's costing many of you valuable grade points.

Make-up/Extra Credit Assignment; ASSIGNMENT #07A
Assignment for next week, ASSIGNMENT #10 ILLUSTRATION