FALL '09 WEEK #13

Place in DROP folder. Be sure to slug them correctly:
(continue numbers from previous weeks submission)

1. Return and review exams
2. 10 Ways to do better Multimedia, by Media Storm.
3. Look at some soundslides and multimedia
4. Final projects

Next week is final class:
-The Final Project is due Monday December 14th during FINAL CLASS, attendance required.
This is a firm deadline, no exceptions

The final edit images must be submitted to the DROP folder.
NO FOLDERS, just images.
15-20 different images, no more than 20.
  • Project should include at least one: vertical, detail, and overall.
  • At least (8) photos must contain people.
  • Each image must be captioned properly in File Info.
  • The first image in your series MUST have a brief summary of your project, in addition to the caption. 2-3 sentences, be brief and concise.
  • Each image must be slugged properly lastname_final 01.jpg, lastname_final 02.jpg, etc
  • Each image must be cropped, toned, sized, etc in Photoshop
  • Each image should be sized to 10 inches at longest side, 200dpi
  • Each image should be less than 2MGS. Save it at a lower compression if too big.
  • Sequence your images in the best story telling manner.

Create an audio slide show in soundsslides (SOUNDSLIDES TUTORIAL),
about 1-3 minutes long.
This should consist of audio of your Final Project subject; interview, ambient sound, narration, music, etc. Project does not need to consist of all these audio elements, only those required to create an effective story-telling piece. Decide which is the best approach for your particular subject.
  • Use no more than 30 photos. Keep the piece under 3-minutes.
  • Edit audio is Audacity (AUDACITY TUTORIAL) or similar audio editing software.
  • Submit just the "publish to web" folder.
  • Slug: lastname_soundslide
  • Submit folder to the DROP.
  • Be sure to start with opening text title slide.
  • If necessary include a brief explanatory text page. Check for typos and usage errors.
  • Create in Photoshop.
  • If any additional credits are required, such as for music, be sure to give proper credit with a closing text slide at the end. Create in Photoshop.