Fall 2011 WEEK 11

Photo by Eddie Adams

  1. EXAM -begins 6PM
  3. Assignment #10 Illustration
  4. Final Projects; First Set of photos due
  5. Continue working on Final Projects, new work is due next week to the DROP.
  6. Only few weeks left to go.
  7. Submit any missed assignments or redo's.
  8. Class next week may be cancelled, watch for email next Monday. TBD

  • EXAM: 6-730PM.
  • Open WORD, write essay in WORD.
  • Slug essay: lastname_essay.
  • Put Essay in DROP.
  • Save often.
  • Open EXAM folder, contains 37 photos.
  • Press space bar to view images.
  • Close everything else.
  • Return 730pm sharp
  • BEFORE 730pm put final project selects into the DROP folder.
  • SLUG: lastname_final01.jpg, etc
  • Put as many as you like, we will review them