SP 2013 Week 6

photo by Robert Stolarik for The New York Times 
"Hundreds of people gathered in Williamsburg for the funeral of Nathan Glauber and Raizy Glauber on Sunday. Two wooden coffins, covered in black velvet blankets with sparkling silver trim, were carried down to Bedford Avenue."
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  1. ASSIGNMENT #5; Lighting
  2. History of Photojournalism:Mathew Brady,  History of Photojournalism: History of Photo Timeline, Roger FentonMathew Brady
  3. Lesson; LIGHT part2
  4. Discuss potential ideas for Final Project photo essay.Photo essay; WELCOME HOME by Craig walker, 2012 Pulitzer Prize
  5.  Flash demonstration in class
  6. Assignment #06 Flash usage/Album cover 
  7. EXAM: April 15th. NO MAKE-UPS.