Spring 2013 -week 9

Life was the first all-photography U.S. news magazine and dominated the market for more than forty years. Life celebrated the "photo essay." Life was wildly successful for generations before its prestige was diminished by economics and changing tastes. Since 1972, Life has twice ceased publication and resumed in a different form, before ceasing once again with the issue dated April 20, 2007. Recently, the brand name continues on the Internet. -Wikipedia

  1. EXAM: 4/15/13 -no make-ups.
  2. REMINDER: no more than two absences per semester. See syllabus.
  3. ASSIGNMENT #08 TOWN (part 2) 
  4. Finish ASSIGNMENT #08 TOWN (Part 3)
  5. Final Project; 2nd deadline due today
  6. History of Photojournalism; Joe RosenthalRobert Capa,Magnum,  W. Eugene Smith, Elliott Erwitt, Eddie Adams, Charles Moore
  7. Photojournalism categories, see PowerPoint
  8. Soundslides
  9.  Did u bring a piece of music?
  10. How to guides: AudacitySoundslides, more on Audacity
  11. Audacity LamLib download
  12. Multimedia Tips & Tutorials