Sp '14 Week 5

photos by Amanda Fama & Max LaRocco


  1. Let's look, Steve McCurry; Magnum -good examples of composition
  2. ASSIGNMENT #04 Composition
  3. History of Photojournalism:  Mathew Brady
  4. Lesson 4a; Covering a live assignment
  5. Lesson 4b; LIGHT part I
  6. ASSIGNMENT #5; Lighting
  7. ASSIGNMENT #6; Covering a Live Event
  8. Elian Gonzales photos, by Alan Diaz. slate
  9. "Space Shuttle Endeavor," by LA Times

  10. Final Project; be prepared to discuss (3) potential ideas for Final Project photo essay.
  11. "Fallen Angel" Heroin addiction in Denver by Joe Amon / Denver Post
REMINDER: please follow assignment instructions, including captions and slugs. many are needlessly osing valuable points with each assignment!