Sp 15 Week 3

"Self Portrait" -photo by Laura French

Saw some very nice photos from Week 1, strong self-portraits with self-expression. Let's keep up the good work.

Agenda for today's class
  1. Let's look, ASSIGNMENT #2, Depth-of-field and Motion
  2. NPPA Code of Ethics  -Be sure you've read this
  3. Photo Basics PART II; Cameras, also see PPP.
  4. Photo Basics PART III; Lenses, also see PPP.
  5. ASSIGNMENT #3 Selective Focus
  6. Photojournalist Paper assignment
  7. Matt Rainey; After the Fire
  • CAPTIONS!!!  please follow caption format and instructions, otherwise lose points.
  • when reviewing the Powerpoint presentation, copy the PPP file to your HD then open from there. (Opening a large file like that across the server will put a drain on server, and in some cases -crash)
  • Do NOT put folders in the DROP folder, just drag and drop the images solo. Thank you.
  • be sure to slug each photo correctly, otherwise 1pt will subtracted from each assignment.
  • Do not forget to do a complete and properly formatted caption, -1pt.
  • check file size before submitting photo to DROP, 1-2MB per photo.
  • check the Graded Folder.
  • if you miss and assignment be sure to make it up and submit to drop ASAP.

  • World Press Contest 2015
  • NPPA comments on disqualified entries in this year's contest
  • TIME WPP disqualifies 20% of all entries
    • "And while World Press Photo believes there were no attempts to deceive or to mislead, the organization’s independent experts “found anomalies in a large number of files and presented their findings to the jury,” says Boering. “According to the contest rules, only retouching of files that conforms to currently accepted standards in the industry is allowed, and the jury is the ultimate arbiter of these standards.”
  • Matt Rainey; After the Fire