WEEK 2 -Spring 2013

Baltimore Ravens player Ed Reed hoists the Vince Lombardi Trophy as he celebrates victory over the San Francisco 49ers in their NFL Super Bowl in New Orleans.Picture: REUTERS/Jeff Haynes


  1. Any questions?
  2. Super Bowl cover photos, Poynter's Top-Tenmore front pages
  4. ASSIGNMENT #01 Self Portrait
  5. Intro to Photojournalism (see PPP)
  6. Photo Basic's PART I (see PPP)
  7. Super Bowl TV commercial
  • Do not email me assignment work;  docs, papers or photos 
  • Please do NOT print-out PowerPoint presentations.
  • Do NOT open PowerPoint presentations across SLICE server. Copy to your WORK drive.
  • remember to check email regularly.
  • be sure to LOG-OUT at end of class each week.
  • bring camera, to class each week with charged batteries,  instruction manual.
  • keep all 'out-take' images in your SLICE folder.
  • if u miss an assignment, lose at least 1pt.
  • BE SURE to submit missed assignments within (2) weeks.
  • you are responsible for all material on the BLOG and in the Powerpoint, even if we do not cover all the material in class. (OFTEN WE WON'T GET TO EVERYTHING IN CLASS.
  • very important that you read & follow assignment instructions carefully!
  • -be sure to caption & slug images correctly BEFORE placing in DROP folder.
  • -be sure assignment number and description is included in caption.