SP '10 WEEK 10

photo by Elliott Erwitt / Magnum


  1. ASSIGNMENT #09 Illustration
  2. Let's look, Soundslide, ASSIGNMENT #09 SOUNDSLIDE TOWN
  3. History of Photojournalism; W. Eugene Smith, Elliott Erwitt, Eddie Adams, Charles Moore, James Nachtwey, see PPP.
  4. Final Project , lets see
  5. War Photographer, James Nachtwey
  1. EXAM NEXT WEEK: starts 6pm sharp, no make-up exams will be given.
  2. War Photographer, ; finish watching the film.
  3. FINAL PROJECTS: get working, put 15-25 new images in the Drop for next week.
  4. CATCH-UP: submit ALL missed assignments and red-do's.
  5. STUDY: FINAL SALUTE, By Todd Heisler
  6. PHOTOGRAPHER LECTURE: Prof Lipkin presents, Andy Levin is going to come to 
    Ramapo to show his images from the Haiti earthquake and talk Thursday
    the 15th of April.

  8. EXAM NEXT WEEK: starts 6pm sharp.
  • -No make-up exams.
  • -review all the Power Point Presentations. Especially if you were absent.
  • -Be aware that many of the PPP’s contained more material than we discussed in class.
  • -visit web sites/links listed in the PPP’s & BLOG.
  • -review all entries on the class blog this semester: http://ramapophotoj.blogspot.com/
  • -make sure you have completed all the reading assignments.
  • -be sure you understand each shooting assignment & different types of photos.
  • -review all photo essays discussed\assigned in class, and those in the PPP’s.
  • -be familiar with important photographers, agencies, publications, discussed in class.
  • -Read & study all docs in PHOTOGRAPHER’s BIO’s folder.
  • -Know their names, their work, their era (no dates), why they are important.