SP '10 WEEK 11

-photo by Diane Arbus

Monday 4/19 is Exam Day, please arrive on-time. No make-up exams.
  • -review all the Power Point Presentations. Especially if you were absent.
  • -Be aware that many of the PPP’s contained more material than we discussed in class.
  • -visit web sites/links listed in the PPP’s & BLOG.
  • -review all entries on the class blog this semester: http://ramapophotoj.blogspot.com/
  • -make sure you have completed all the reading assignments.
  • -be sure you understand each shooting assignment & different types of photos.
  • -review all photo essays discussed\assigned in class, and those in the PPP’s.
  • -be familiar with important photographers, agencies, publications, discussed in class.
  • -Read & study all docs in PHOTOGRAPHER’s BIO’s folder.
  • -Know their names, their work, their era (no dates), why they are important.

Also, submit your edited Final Project photos to the DROP folder, slug: lastname_finalproject.jpg

  • only 3 weeks remaining.
  • Bring in more final project photos.
  • Everyone should be at least halfway done with shooting portion of project.
  • Submit proposal if you have not done so, or if your subject has changed.
  • **Remember, no matter how strong your photos are, this project MUST reflect 4-6 weeks of work.
  • Submit your edited Final Project photos to the DROP folder, just keep adding a new number after the slug.
  • slug: lastname_finalproject01.jpg, lastname_finalproject02.jpg, etc