No class Monday 4/29

No class today 4/29. 
Please use this time to work on your Final Projects. New
work is due next week, as is Assignment #10 Illustration.Final Projects are due May 13, last class.Have a great week.

Photographer's loss offers hope for Boston wounded, great read:


Sp 2013 WEEK 11

by former Boston University student Johannes Hirn
  1. "Will Box for Passport" Photo essay of Boston bombing suspect was shot by former BU student for final project. Read more on NPPA
  2. Submit Final Project photos to DROP before exam
  3. Next week, submit new Final Project photos to DROP
  4. Illustrations
  5.  Three-weeks remaining, last class May 13th.
  6. Please submit any missed assignments by next week.
    Ten ways to improve your multimedia production, by Media Storm.

    Good examples of Multimedia

    The Last Days of W, by Alec Soth/Magnum
    Washington DC, Center of a Nation, by Paolo Pellegrin/Magnum
    Stories from Iowa, by By Danny Wilcox Frazier
    Aging in America, by Ed Kashi
    Love in the First Person, by Matt Eich
    Kingsley's Crossing, Olivier Jobard
    Undying Love, by Patrick Davison
    1976, by RJD2. leftchannel, MediaStorm


ASSIGNMENT #10 Illustration

(Due Monday May 6th) 2-weeks

Part I:
Make an illustration for the following topic:

Gun Control
In 2013, America is torn on the issue of Gun Control.

Susan Page, USA TODAY

"Four months after the shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a USA TODAY Poll finds support for a new gun-control law ebbing as prospects for passage on Capitol Hill seem to fade.
Americans are more narrowly divided on the issue than in recent months, and backing for a bill has slipped below 50%, the poll finds. By 49%-45%, those surveyed favor Congress passing a new gun-control law. In an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll in early April, 55% had backed a stricter gun law, which was down from 61% in February. Last week in the Senate, a bipartisan proposal for expanding background checks for gun buyers failed to win the 60 votes needed." Read more

Create a photo illustration for this subject: Should America pass a new gun-control law?
Pick one side; yes or no.
  • Do all necessary research and create or select images to make an illustrative image. 
  • You may use (2) other examples of other photographer's work in your illustration, or images found on the internet.
  • But illustration must contain some of your own created imagery. 
  • BUT BE SURE TO GIVE CREDIT in caption if you use other photographer's work.
  • Remember, an illustration may be an Non-Documentary photograph, and can be completely set up, manipulated, or orchestrated. 
  • The image’s message must be communicated clearly, with a clear preconceived visual solution. 
  • This is an opportunity to take an idea and transform it into a representative visual, with manipulated guidance. BE CREATIVE AND CONCEPTUAL.
  • See these manipulated illustrations: http://www.petapixel.com/2013/04/02/photos-of-modern-day-locations-blended-with-shots-of-major-historical-events/
  • Photo may be montage, multiple images, computer or darkroom altered images.
  • Image alteration is allowed, BUT not required. 
  • See non-manipulated examples: http://petapixel.com/2013/01/03/creative-conceptual-iphone-photographs-by-instagram-shooter-brock-davis/

*Students must complete:
1. Select (1) best photo.
2. Be sure to write a complete caption, give credit where applicable.
Last name_illustration.jpg EXAMPLE: franklin_ illustration.jpg
4. Place image in the “drop folder.”


SP 2013 WEEK 10

photo by Charles Krupa/AP

Blasts Rock Boston Marathon; 2 Dead, Dozens Injured

  1. Exam Day 6:15-7:45pm
  2. You may leave after you submit exam.
  3. Submit Final Project photos to DROP before exam
  4. See me before you leave for comments.
  5. Next week, submit new Final Project photos to DROP
  6. Need volunteer to deliver Course evaluations to BC237. Please complete before you leave today. Course ID: CCOM329


Spring '13 WEEK 10


  1. Watch documentary on James Nachtwey; War Photographer (see copy in class folder)
  2. Let's look, Soundslide, ASSIGNMENT #09 SOUNDSLIDE TOWN
  3. History of Photojournalism; W. Eugene Smith, Elliott Erwitt, Eddie Adams, Charles Moore, James Nachtwey, see PPP.
  4. Final Projects
  5. Illustrations
  6. REMINDER" Exam next week 4/15/13 -no make-ups.
  7. REMINDER:no more than two absences per semester. See syllabus.
  8. Two-weeks ASSIGNMENT #10 Illustration


Spring 2013 -week 9

Life was the first all-photography U.S. news magazine and dominated the market for more than forty years. Life celebrated the "photo essay." Life was wildly successful for generations before its prestige was diminished by economics and changing tastes. Since 1972, Life has twice ceased publication and resumed in a different form, before ceasing once again with the issue dated April 20, 2007. Recently, the brand name continues on the Internet. -Wikipedia

  1. EXAM: 4/15/13 -no make-ups.
  2. REMINDER: no more than two absences per semester. See syllabus.
  3. ASSIGNMENT #08 TOWN (part 2) 
  4. Finish ASSIGNMENT #08 TOWN (Part 3)
  5. Final Project; 2nd deadline due today
  6. History of Photojournalism; Joe RosenthalRobert Capa,Magnum,  W. Eugene Smith, Elliott Erwitt, Eddie Adams, Charles Moore
  7. Photojournalism categories, see PowerPoint
  8. Soundslides
  9.  Did u bring a piece of music?
  10. How to guides: AudacitySoundslides, more on Audacity
  11. Audacity LamLib download
  12. Multimedia Tips & Tutorials