Sp 2013 WEEK 13


  1. All Final Projects due today Monday May 13th, no exceptions
  2. Please follow all instructions carefully, Final Projects
  3. Check GRADED FOLDER later this week for Final Project grade
Final Checklist:
  • Shorter is OK.
  • Carefully edit and select your photos.
  • Rename the "publish to web folder" lastname_soundslide.
  • Submit this renamed folder to the DROP only. Do NOT submit the entire Soundslide project.
  • Be sure you've tested your Soundslide before you submit (play the INDEX file).
  • ***You will not receive credit for any projects that do not play.
  • Be sure each image has a caption, minus the caption formatting. (Complete sentence only)
  • If necessary include a brief explanatory text within the caption of the first image, summarizing your project.
  • Check for typos and usage errors.
  • Make sure all the info fields in Soundslides are completed; headline, caption, etc.
  • Give credit to any music material you use.
  • Be sure to start with opening title slide. 

  • 5/6/13

    Sp 2013 WEEK 12

    1. Submit Final Project photos to DROP 
    2. Submit ASSIGNMENT #10 Illustrations  -due today
    3. Return & review exam.
    4. ALL WORK DUE next Monday 9pm.
    5. Be sure to copy all your files off SLICE.
    6. Grading info
    7. Have a great summer. Good luck to all grads.