FALL '08 ASSIGNMENT #10 Illustration

ASSIGNMENT #10 Illustration (Due Monday NOVEMBER 17th)

Part I:
Make an Illustration

Make an illustration for the following topic:
The War in Iraq has been a costly war.
Research and select one dimension of this military conflict that has been costly and make an illustrative image.
Remember, an illustration is a Non-Documentary photograph, and can be completely set up, manipulated, or orchestrated. Make the image has a message. Make sure it is executed with a clear preconceived visual solution.
The image’s message must be communicated clearly.
This is an opportunity to take an idea and transform it into a representative visual, with manipulated guidance. BE CREATIVE AND CONCEPTUAL.
Photo can be montage, multiple images, computer or darkroom altered images.
Image alteration is allowed, BUT not required.

*Students must complete:
1. Select (1) best photo.
Last name_illustration.jpg EXAMPLE: franklin_ illustration.jpg
3. Place image in the “drop folder.”
Part II:
Visual Journalism
By Christopher Harris & Paul Martin Lester
Read pages 87-129
Documentary Assignments & Manipulated Assignments

Part III:
PHOTOGRAPHERS BIO’S –see folder within class folder!! Read, study, learn!