1. Please complete Student Info Sheet, and hand back to Professor Franklin.
2. Please log-in to one of the MAC computers.
Login LABS (no password required)
3. Connect to the college server called SLICE.
4. Who are You? Why are you here?
5. Who am I? Check out my BLOG.
6. Photos-of-the-week MSNBC.
7. Syllabus for this course.
8. Camera's. Show me whatcha got.
9. Work-flow method.
10. Assignment #01; Self Portrait
11. Lets talk pictures; What photos have had an impact on you? On society?

Basic do’s & don’ts:
1. Show up for class you will do well. EXTRA CREDIT FOR PERFECT ATTENDANCE.
2. Be on time.
3. Email me when you know you will miss a class. If you miss a week, get your assignments in ON TIME anyway.
4. Have your work done before class begins.
5. Follow instructions carefully. Read & re-read all doc's and assignments BEFORE.
6. Slug all assignments correctly.
7. Review the BLOG & Power Point Presentations (PPP’s) in the
CLASS FOLDER each week, and periodically, and especially before doing shooting assignments.
8. EMAIL. Best method of communication.
9. Have fun, this isn’t bio-robotics! You’re taking pictures!