FALL '09 WEEK 14

-finish Final Projects.
-11:00am critique.

The final edit images must be submitted to the DROP folder.
NO FOLDERS, just images.
15-20 different images, no more than 20.
  • Project should include at least one: vertical, detail, and overall.
  • At least (8) photos must contain people.
  • Each image must be captioned properly in File Info.
  • The first image in your series MUST have a brief summary of your project, in addition to the caption. 2-3 sentences, be brief and concise.
  • Each image must be slugged properly lastname_final 01.jpg, lastname_final 02.jpg, etc
  • Each image must be cropped, toned, sized, etc in Photoshop
  • Each image should be sized to 10 inches at longest side, 200dpi
  • Each image should be less than 2MGS. Save it at a lower compression if too big.
  • Sequence your images in the best story telling manner.

Create an audio slide show in soundsslides (SOUNDSLIDES TUTORIAL),
about 1-3 minutes long.
This should consist of audio of your Final Project subject; interview, ambient sound, narration, music, etc. Project does not need to consist of all these audio elements, only those required to create an effective story-telling piece. Decide which is the best approach for your particular subject.
  • Use no more than 30 photos. Keep the piece under 3-minutes.
  • Edit audio is Audacity (AUDACITY TUTORIAL) or similar audio editing software.
  • Submit just the "publish to web" folder.
  • Slug: lastname_soundslide
  • Submit folder to the DROP.
  • Be sure to start with opening text title slide.
  • If necessary include a brief explanatory text page. Check for typos and usage errors.
  • Create in Photoshop.
  • If any additional credits are required, such as for music, be sure to give proper credit with a closing text slide at the end. Create in Photoshop.