We meet tonight at normal time, for the last time. All final projects are due, and final critique begins at 7pm sharp. Attendance required. PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY, read below.

I can assist as needed from 6-7pm. Class should be done by 8pm.


The Final Project is a 8-week project that requires each student to spend significant time with a chosen subject, to produce a well-crafted, in-depth photo essay in the form of a Soundslide. The Final Project is in lieu of a Final Exam, and should be treated as such.

The subject of this project should be a person who is interesting.

Each student must find and select a person who is multidimensional and lives life with a purpose and in a way that is interesting to others.

  • This subject will be selected by the student, with careful thought to subject selection.
  • Subject should be visual, must have various aspects of interest, must have good audio possibilities, and must be accessible to you.
  • This person cannot be family or schoolmate. It must be someone outside your daily life.
  • Each student must submit a well-written, thoroughly planned proposal of 250 words (3-4 paragraphs). The proposal must be an examined, well-planned, and strongly supported idea.
  • The Final Project is NOT a single event or photo shoot. The essay should tell the story of the subject's life. Each student must develop their essay on a week-to-week basis, and bring photos in each week for critique.
  • Each student will be graded on progression.
  • The final essay will consist of 20-30 images, with audio, in a finished Soundslide.


Each final project will be graded as follows:

1. (3pts) SUBJECT SELECTION & WRITTEN PROPOSAL (due November 8th)

  • submittal of written proposal due November 8th.
  • suitability of subject for photo essay.
  • degree of difficulty.


Work should be completed as follows:

  • #1 Proposal Due (November 8th)
  • #2 Photos due (November 15th)
  • #3 Photos due (November 22nd)
  • #4 Photos due (November 29th)
  • #5 Photos due, Audio edited (December 6th)
  • #6 Soundslide roughly constructed (December 13); Audio, Photos, titles, opening, closing
  • #7 Project due (December 20)

3. (3pts) AUDIO

  • selection of types audio used.
  • appropriateness of audio; music/natural sound/narration.
  • overall use of audio.


  • overall quality of images; how well were the principles learned in this course used.
  • quality of the editing; relativity of images selected, lack of repitition.
  • variety of images; vertical, establishing shots, details, etc.
  • preparation of images; cropping, toning, color, white balance, etc.
  • caption completeness.


  • quality of the Soundslide presentation; titles, colors, opening, closing, ID's, etc.
  • Sequencing of images.
  • how well criteria was met, instructions followed.
  • Length of Soundslide presentation; should be 2-3 minutes long.
  • Strength of finished product; effectiveness as a story-telling piece


  1. Rename the "publish to web folder" lastname_soundslide.
  2. Submit this folder to the DROP. Do NOT submit the entire soundslide project.
  3. Be sure you've tested your soundslide before you submit (play the INDEX file).

¨You will not receive credit for any projects that do not play.

  1. Be sure each image has a caption.
  2. Make sure all the info fields in Soundslides are filled in; Headline, caption, etc.
  3. Give credit to any music you use.
  4. Be sure to start with opening title slide. If necessary include a brief explanatory text page.
  5. Check for typos and usage errors.
  7. Please follow instructions carefully.