9/11 Panel -Paper; Alternate Assignment

Paper -Alternate Assignment

9/11 Panel discussion Paper & Photos

Due 10/24/11

(This is being offered as an alternative assignment to the Photojournalist Paper. 15pts)

Attend panel discussion. Shoot photos. Write short paper.

Friday 9/30/11, starting at 11:30am, H-129.

9/11 Remembered; The Real Ground Zero.

Panel discussion with authors Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn; 102 Minutes: The Untold Story of the Fight to Survive Inside the Twin Towers.

Also there will be a showing of the 9/11 documentary, Witness to History; The photographers of 9/11, by Prof. Thomas E. Franklin. The discussion will be moderated by Ramapo College Journalism Professor Tom Lueck.


Write a news story, summarizing the panel discussion and film, describing key points discussed. Include at least one quote from each panelist. Also, shoot photos of the event, cover it like a live event. Be accurate and comprehensive.

Be sure answer the following:

  1. Summarize what the panel discussion was about, and what was said. Write like a news story.
  2. What did Flynn and Dwyer say was the purpose of writing their book?
  3. What did Franklin say was the purpose of making his documentary?
  4. In what ways did these two projects offer the human perspective, on 9/11?
  5. What did you learn from this panel discussion?

Create a WORD document.

  • 12pt font, single-space, keep te story less than two pages long.
  • Copy and paste 3 of your photos into WORD document.
  • Edit photos in Photoshop, copy and paste photos on separate pages.
  • Be sure photos have captions (use caption format) printed under photos.
  • Submit WORD document to the DROP FOLDER.
  • SLUG: lastname_911panel.doc