FALL 2011 WEEK 12

  1. EXAM -return
  2. Assignment #10 Illustration -lets take a look.
  3. Final Projects; Third Set of photos due
  4. Submit work to the DROP.
  5. Audio?
  6. Only one week left to go.
  7. Submit any missed assignments or redo's. LAST CALL.
  8. Next week; Final critique begins 7pm.
  9. ALL WORK DUE IN CLASS NEXT WEEK. -there will be no extensions.
Good examples of Multimedia

A Darkness Visible, by Seamus Murphy
A Thousand More, Jeff Rhode
Unsung New Yorkers, Taxi Columbia Students
Unsung New Yorkers, San men Columbia Students
The Last Days of W, by Alec Soth/Magnum
Washington DC, Center of a Nation, by Paolo Pellegrin/Magnum
Stories from Iowa, by By Danny Wilcox Frazier
Aging in America, by Ed Kashi
Love in the First Person, by Matt Eich
Kingsley's Crossing, Olivier Jobard
Undying Love, by Patrick Davison
1976, by RJD2. leftchannel, MediaStorm
Preoccupied, Misha Erwitt