ASSIGNMENT #10 Illustration

ASSIGNMENT #10 Illustration

(Due Monday April 30th)

Part I:

Make an illustration for the following topic:

The New Great Depression

In 2012, America and much of the world is going through a tough and turbulent period. Many are calling an economic depression. A depression is a sustained, long-term downturn in economic activity in one or more economies that often include long-term unemployment for many, and tears at people’s lives and at the fabric of society.

Create a photo illustration on this subject.

Do all necessary research and create or select images to make an illustrative image.

Remember, an illustration is a Non-Documentary photograph, and can be completely set up, manipulated, or orchestrated.

The image’s message must be communicated clearly, with a clear preconceived visual solution.

This is an opportunity to take an idea and transform it into a representative visual, with manipulated guidance.


Photo can be montage, multiple images, computer or darkroom altered images.

Image alteration is allowed, BUT not required. OK to use images taken found on the internet, BUT BE SURE TO GIVE CREDIT in caption.

*Students must complete:

1. Select (1) best photo.

2. Be sure to write a complete caption, give credit where applicable.


Last name_illustration.jpg EXAMPLE: franklin_ illustration.jpg

4. Place image in the “drop folder.”