FALL 2012 WEEK 8

Charles Sykes/AP Photo 

  1. MSNBC -Hurricane Sandy.
  2. Paper due today; submit to DROP; Slug: lastname_paper.doc
  3. History of Photojournalism; Mathew Brady, FSA
  4. ASSIGNMENT #07 Album cover
  5.  Town Assignment #8
  6. Live Event -1 more week
  7. EXAM; November 26th. NO MAKE-UPS.
  8. Nina Berman's : Beyond the fringe of protest."
  9. "Occupy Wall Street," good soundslide example

HURRICANE SANDY: Take 15 minutes and look through the MSNBC photo gallery "Hurricane Sandy" and select 5 photos that tell the story of Hurricane Sandy's devastation to the NYC-NJ area. Be sure to select a variety, including an over-all, detail, and human interest. Make note of the numbers.

Gallery located at upper left: