ASSIGNMENT #10 Illustration

ASSIGNMENT #10 Illustration
 (Due Monday April 28th) 2-weeks

Part I: Make an illustration for the following topic:
In 2014, America is torn on the issue of Gun Control. Read
Susan Page, USA TODAY http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2013/04/22/usa-today-poll-finds-support-for-gun-control-ebbs-backing-for-immigration-bill-strong/2103419/
"Four months after the shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a USA TODAY Poll finds support for a new gun-control law ebbing as prospects for passage on Capitol Hill seem to fade.
Americans are more narrowly divided on the issue than in recent months, and backing for a bill has slipped below 50%, the poll finds. By 49%-45%, those surveyed favor Congress passing a new gun-control law. In an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll in early April, 55% had backed a stricter gun law, which was down from 61% in February. Last week in the Senate, a bipartisan proposal for expanding background checks for gun buyers failed to win the 60 votes needed."

Create a photo illustration for this subject: Should America pass a new gun-control law?
Pick one side; yes or no.
  • Do all necessary research and create or select images to make an illustrative image. 
  • You may use (2) other examples of other photographer's work in your illustration, or images found on the internet.
  • But illustration must contain some of your own created imagery. 
  • BUT BE SURE TO GIVE CREDIT in caption if you use other photographer's work.
  • Remember, an illustration may be an Non-Documentary photograph, and can be completely set up, manipulated, or orchestrated. 
  • The image’s message must be communicated clearly, with a clear preconceived visual solution. 
  • This is an opportunity to take an idea and transform it into a representative visual, with manipulated guidance. BE CREATIVE AND CONCEPTUAL.
  • See these manipulated illustrations: http://www.petapixel.com/2013/04/02/photos-of-modern-day-locations-blended-with-shots-of-major-historical-events/
  • Photo may be montage, multiple images, computer or darkroom- altered images.
  • Image alteration is allowed, BUT not required. 
  • See non-manipulated examples: http://petapixel.com/2013/01/03/creative-conceptual-iphone-photographs-by-instagram-shooter-brock-davis/

*Students must complete:
1. Select (1) best photo.
2. Be sure to write a complete caption, give credit where applicable.
Last name_illustration.jpg EXAMPLE: franklin_ illustration.jpg
4. Place image in the “drop folder.”