Sp 2014 Week 9

I will not be able to make it to class today 4/7/14.

However, please watch the documentary film "James Nachtwey; War Photographer" (1hr 30min)
See video file is in the class folder.
**Material from this film will be on the Final Exam.

Also, ASSIGNMENT #08 TOWN part 2 remains due today, please submit to the DROP folder by the end of the day, I will be checking your progress from home.


  1. Assignment #8 Town Part III is due next week. Continue shooting your town.
  2. Bring song mp3 to class for your town sound slide
  3.  First set of photos for the Final Project are due next week, please follow instructions and submit to the DROP folder. Click here for Final Project assignment details.  Please slug photos as follows:   lastname-finalproject_01.jpg, lastname-finalproject_02.jpg, etc.
  4. Exam is the following week, 4/21.