ASSIGNMENT #01 “Make a self-portrait”

ASSIGNMENT #01 “Make a self-portrait”
(Due 2/2/15)

The Ultimate Field Guide to Photography
by National Geographic
“Intro,” and “Buying a digital camera” pages 1-24, 44-49
“Essential Basics; Camera’s & Lenses” pages 34-75

Read all documents in the IMPORTANT DOC’S folder.

ASSIGNMENT #01 “Make a self-portrait”
Make a series of self-portrait photos. Photo should be a reflection of who you are, an example of self-expression and personal interest. This should be a story telling image, a photo that communicates something about you.
Shoot more than one idea/take.

This is NOT a ‘selfie’ assignment.
This photo should NOT be a random snapshot, head-shot, mug shot, old photo from the past, or hastily executed snap. This shoot should include forethought and planning.
Be creative. Make a photo with strong composition and lighting.

Use self-timer, and tripod if necessary.
Figure out how to use your self-timer. DO NOT have someone else take the photo.

* IMPORTANT: Students must complete:

1. Shoot 25-50 photos total
2. Select (1) image for submission; caption, crop, tone etc.
3. Be sure to include a caption.
4.SLUG PHOTO AS FOLLOWS: yourlastname_ selfportrait.JPG
5. Submit (1) image to DROP folder.
6. Bring all the images you shoot for this assignment to class.

7. Bring camera connection cable or card reader, to transfer images onto computer.