Sp 2015 Welcome to PhotoJ

Photojournalism (CCOM: 329 01)
Mondays 6:00 pm - 9:15 pm. 
We meet in the MAC lab C-111.

This is the official blog for the course, please take a look around. We will being using this blog as an information center all semester.  Be sure to book mark it: http://www.ramapophotoj.com

You can peruse the posts and lessons of past semesters if you'd likeThe column on right should provide much of the vital information.

  1. Welcome; Intro to PJ
  2.  Blog: http://ramapophotoj.blogspot.com
  3. Student info sheets
  4. Log-in SLICE 
  5. Syllabus
  6. You/Me
  7. Discussion
  8. Weekly Slideshow -MSNBC
  9. Assignment #01 Self Portrait 
  10. Photoshop basics
  11. Captions
  12. Work Flow; Submitting to DROP folder
  1. What is Photojournalism? Ed Kashi
  2. Can PhotoJournalism survive in an Instagram era? MotherJones
  3. Super Bowl AD 2013
  4. "In the Eye of the storm; Capturing Sandy's Wrath" using Instagram  Time
Below is my contact info.
Thomas E. Franklin
Adjunct Professor / Photojournalism Ramapo College