FALL '08 ASSIGNMENT #08; Documentary photos

(Due Monday November 3rd)
Documentary photos (Multiple Pictures)

Make pictures in a documentary style of a social situation.
Become invisible; make pictures.

Shoot in a candid style, with a fly-on-the wall-approach, to make images of real people living their lives. Can be at home, among friends, socializing, nightlife, in public, at school, etc.
BUT, DO NOT attempt this assignment at your job or at work.
At least 50 images should be shot for this assignment, hopefully much more.
This should not be a careless snapshot. Work the subject hard. Get your subject comfortable with the camera being out, so they can forget you are there. This often can take some time.
DO NOT SOCIALIZE with your subject while you are working. Know your purpose; to make images and document. Become invisible. Study examples discussed in class. Do not submit non-documentary style images.
Submit (3) images of different situations but of the same subject. DO NOT submit variations of the same image. Carefully edit your take, looking for images of visual interest, and candor.
Be prepared to use your flash if necessary. Keep in mind some of the elements of good composition, avoiding; cluttered and distracting backgrounds, objects appearing behind heads, dead space, etc.
-CAPTION: be sure to get subject’s names and brief description of what they are doing,; who, what, when, where, why.
*Students must complete:

1. Select (3) best photos.
Last name_ documentary01.jpg, Last name_ documentary02.jpg, etc.
EXAMPLE: franklin_ documentary01.jpg
3. Place images in the “drop folder.”

Research Project:
1. What was Life Magazine known for?
2. When was it published?
3. Select (1) Life staff photographer of importance and be prepared to talk to the class about your selection.
4. Have online link to sample of photographer’s work, or bring in a back-copy of the former magazine. Hint: Ask your parents or Grandparents.

Read this essay and interactive page.