Appropriate light suitable for the subject, is one of the key’s to good photographs. Lighting is one of the hardest things to get right in a photograph. Too much light, too little light, or a combination
of the two, can ruin a photo.

If you understand the types of lighting, how they affect your camera, you can do to use these effects to your full advantage.
-Think about the quality of light before you shoot, think about possible alternatives.
-Ask yourself, is this the best way to light this shot, and am I standing in the best spot to make the picture?
-How can I best use the available light?
-Do I need my flash or not? You should decide, not your camera!
-Experiment with the light
-Look closely at how light and shadow work together to create texture on subjects.
-Seeing with light and really seeing the light takes time. Sometimes, it'll stop you in your tracks, and you will be mesmerized by it.