SPRING '09 ASSIGMENT #03; Live Event

(Due Monday MARCH 9 –two weeks)
Live Event (Multiple Pictures)

Cover a Live Event / Multiple Pictures
Select a scheduled public event and photograph all aspects of the event in the form of a photo essay. Be sure to shoot various scenes, including overalls and details, and illustrate what the event is about. Get photos of all the important people and subject matter.
Select a carefully chosen event to shoot, thus you have two weeks to plan.

Suggestions; news event, parade, protest, performance, etc.

Do not shoot a sporting event, a press conference, fair, etc.. Check newspaper, campus fliers, and magazine listings for a schedule of events in your area.

Select an event that will be visual, not something static like someone standing at a podium talking. Think of some of the work reviewed in class. Your event selection is key, give it some thought and planning.

Be prepared to use your flash if necessary. Keep in mind some of the elements of good composition, avoiding; cluttered and distracting backgrounds, objects appearing behind heads, dead space, etc. Fill the frame, making interesting photographs that have impact. Composition, positioning, background, and lens selection should all be taken into consideration.
Photos as a collection should illustrate what the event is about.

2. Select (5-8) different images must be submitted. Be sure to include:
-people in at least (3) photos.
-(1) over-all, scene setter.
-(1) detail or close up. Can be of a person. Make it relevant.
Do not select repetitive photos.

-CAPTION: be sure to get subject’s names and brief description of what they are doing,; who, what, when, where, why. Missing names will hurt your grade.

*Students must complete:

1. Select (5-8) best photos, including; an overall & detail. Do not select repetitive photos.
Last name_live event1.jpg Last name_ live event2.jpg
EXAMPLE: franklin_ live event1.jpg
franklin_ live event2.jpg
3. Place images in the “drop folder.”


Guide to Photojournalism
By Brian Horton
Read pages 54-77
“News: Sensitivity, Thinking, Instinct and Curiosity”
Read pages 131-152
“Lessons; Horst Faas, J.Pat Carter, Alan Diaz”