photo by THOMAS E. FRANKLIN / The Record
LOCATION LIGHTING. How was this photo lit and made to look like this?

1. Photos of the week, MSNBC
2. Let's look, ASSIGNMENT #4, Composition
3. History of Photojournalism: The F.S.A., Dorothea Lange, & the Migrant Mother
4. Lesson; Covering a live assignment
5. Lesson; LIGHT part I
6. ASSIGNMENT #5; Lighting
7. ASSIGNMENT #6; Covering a Live Event
8. Photo essay; "Final Salute," -by Todd Heisler, Rocky Mt. News

EXAM:March 31st. Mark it down now, no make-up exams will be given.
REMINDER: Attendance for this class is required, two absences max, as per college policy.
REMINDER: Please slug and caption your photos correctly, do not be careless
-it's costing many of you valuable grade points.
REMINDER: Class starts at 9:45, work needs to be done before class starts.