By now, we should be well aware of the technical considerations that determine a photograph, such as aperture, shutter speed, lens selection, and camera types. You should also be familiar with the categories of the "Visual language."

So, in looking at Jerome Delay's iconic image from Iraq,
what can your determine?

Photo shows
hundreds of Iraqis storming the Abu Ghraib jail Oct. 20, 2002 following the announcement by President Saddam Hussein that most of Iraq's prisoners would be freed. Tens of thousands of prisoners were greeted by their relatives and friends upon their release.


Could it be...that some submitted photos are not slugged correctly or contain proper captions....

Be sure to review the Powerpoint Presentations, they contain material not always covered in class, due to time restriction.

Agenda for today's class.

1.Photos of the week; MSNBC
2. Who was Matthew Brady?
3. Let's look, ASSIGNMENT #3, Selective Focus.
Lesson; Composition
5. ASSIGNMENT #4, Composition
6. ASSIGNMENT, Photojournalist Paper
7. Photo essay; “"Bound to El Norte: Immigrant Stowaways on the Freight Trains of Mexico," by Don Bartletti