FALL '09 WEEK #3

-photo by Melissa Lynam

Welcome to Week 3.
Wow, I was very impressed with the photos from Week 1, we saw some really nice self-portraits with self-expression. Let's keep up the good work.

-when reviewing the Powerpoint presentation, copy the PPP file to your HD then open from there. (Opening a large file like that across the server will put a drain on server, and in some cases -crash)
-do NOT put folders in the DROP folder, just drag and drop the images solo. Thank you.
-be sure to slug each photo correctly, otherwise 1pt will subtracted from each assignment.
-check the Graded Assignments Folder.

Agenda for today's class.
  1. Let's look, ASSIGNMENT #1, Self portrait.
  2. Let's look, ASSIGNMENT #2, Depth-of-field & Motion.
  3. The Visual Language, also see PPP
  4. History of Photography Timeline
  5. Photo Basics PART II; Cameras, also see PPP.
  6. Photo Basics PART III; Lenses, also see PPP.
  7. ASSIGNMENT #3, Selective Focus
  8. Matt Rainey's, "After the Fire" photo essay.