Spring 2015 Final Project

Photo essay Soundslide (DUE 5/11/15) -no exceptions.

The Final Project is a 3-week project that requires each student to spend significant time with the chosen subject, and produce a well-crafted, in-depth photo essay in the form of a Soundslide 2:30min or less.

SUBJECT: An unseen life

Select a person of your choosing (non family member), who lives a purposeful life that we (the public) normally never see, and complete a detailed and comprehensive photo essay and soundlside presentation.

Photo Requirements:
  1. Create a sequential, cohesive narrative of pictures and audio that tell a story, like a movie, with a beginning, middle, and end.
  2. Photograph your subject at length, at least 3x or for 6 hours.
  3. Each photo should be self-explanitory, the viewer should be able to look at each image and get it, otherwise the photo should NOT be included.
Remember, the only things a still photograph brings to a viewer are those things that are visible - what you heard, felt, thought, smelled, or cared about when you took the photo are meaningless to the viewer.
  1. Photos should reflect photography principles practiced in class, in terms of lighting, compostion, focus, motion, and depth of field.
  2. Essay must include at least one Environmental Portrait.
  3. Essay must include at least one Close-up of person’s face, taken within at least 3-5 feet of subject.
  4. Captions should be completed as per usual, but should only provide a means of supporting what is in the picture.
  5. The final essay should consist of at least 20 images, with an audio interview with the subject, in a finished Soundslide 2:30 or less.

Audio Requirements:
  1. Interview with your subject, talking about their life and purpose.
  2. At least one piece of natural sound
  3. OPTIONAL: background music (be sure to give credit)
  4. Audio must be 2:30min or LESS.

Each final project will be graded as follows:
·      (10pts) PHOTOGRAPHY
·      overall quality of images
·      how well were the principles learned in this course used
·      quality of the editing; relativity of images selected, lack of repitition
·      variety of images; vertical, establishing shots, details, etc.
·      preparation of images; cropping, toning, color, white balance, etc.
·      caption completeness
  • Soundslide quality; titles, colors, opening, closing, ID's, completeness
  • Sequencing of images.
  • How well criteria was met, were instructions followed.
  • Strength of finished product; effectiveness as a story-telling piece

  1. Rename the "publish to web folder" lastname_soundslide.
  2. Submit this folder to the DROP, NOT the entire soundslide project.
  3. Be sure you've tested your soundslide (play INDEX file).You will not receive credit for any projects that do not play.
  4. Be sure each image has a caption.
  5. Make sure all the info fields in Soundslides are filled in; Headline, caption, etc.
  6. Give credit to any music you use.
  7. Be sure to start with opening title slide. If necessary include a brief explanatory text page.
  8. Check for typos and usage errors.

Please follow instructions carefully.