SPRING 2015 Week 9

 photo by Maggie Nagle

  1. EXAM: April 27. NO MAKE-UPs
  2. Review graded folder, some are falling far behind. Make up missed assignments ASAP
  3. Assignment #07 Town Photo Essay
  4. History of Photojournalism; Elliott Erwitt, Eddie Adams, Charles Moore, Iconic images on 1960's
  5. Illustrations
  6. Assignment #10- Illustration
  7. Soundslides examples
  8.  Did u bring a piece of music?
  9. How to guides: AudacitySoundslides, more on Audacity
  10. Audacity LamLib download
  11. Assignment #09 Town Soundslide
  12. Multimedia Tips and Tutorials
  13.  Robert Kennedy Assassination, story behind iconic photo by Bill Eppridge/Life Magazine