SPRING 2015 Week 10

photos by Hannah Mucerino & Stephen Stanopoulos

  1. EXAM NEXT WEEK: April 27. NO MAKE-UPs. Exam will begin on-time.
  2. Assignment #09 Town Soundslide
  3. Assignment #07 Town Photo Essay (remember to submit all selected pics to Drop Folder)
  4. History of Photojournalism; Elliott Erwitt, Eddie Adams, Charles Moore, Iconic images on 1960's
  5. Assignment #10- Illustration  -next week
  6. Soundslides examples
  7. How to guides: AudacitySoundslides, more on Audacity
  8. Remembering Eddie Adams  
  9. Final Project
  1. Know your rights when photographing police
  2. Daniel Berehulak's coverage of the Ebola crisis wins the Pulitzer Prize 
  3. War Photographer, James Nachtwey (if we don't finish in class, see Class Folder for video files)