ASSIGNMENT #03, Composition

(Due 10/12/09) Composition

National Geographic Field Guide
Read pages 82-95, 160-165 composition

Guide to Photojournalism
By Brian Horton
Read pages 79-101“Features and Portraits; Seeing the World Around Us.”

Read: Mathew Brady (see Photographer’s Bio’s)

Composition (2) photos

PHOTO 1: Make an environmental portrait of a person using “Rule of Thirds.
Subject: Make well-composed, expressive environmental portraits of a person in their place of work environment. Photo should give insight into what the person does. The environment should be obvious and explanatory. Make photos of subject in different positions, locations, with special emphasis on positioning.
Keep in mind:
YOU ARE IN CONTROL. This is a passive assignment.
There should be obvious foreground & background.

PHOTO 2: Make well-composed, action photos of a person at work in their place of work environment using one of these compositional techniques:
  1. Framing
  2. Leading Lines
  3. Juxtaposition
  4. Silhouette
This should be a Graphic Photograph, meaning one that is visual and emphasizes the relationship between the lines, shapes and forms produces an aesthetically pleasing visual presentation. Graphic elements are as important as the story-telling content with this assignment.
Keep in mind: This is NOT a passive assignment, this is an active photo, and should be documentary.

*Students must complete:
  1. Select (1) best photo of each. (2) total.
  2. Follow “Basic Photoshop”, use outline provided if needed.
  3. Type complete caption in FILE INFO field in Photoshop, see instructions. ****CAPTION MUST STATE WHICH TECHNIQUE YOU ARE USING!
  4. SLUG PHOTO AS FOLLOWS: Last name_ composition1.jpg, Last name_ composition2.jpg
  5. Place image in the “drop folder” (remember to save a copy for yourself to you folder)