FALL '09 WEEK #6

photo by THOMAS E. FRANKLIN / The Record
LOCATION LIGHTING. Was a camera flash used in this photo, in mid-day sun?

  1. Photos of the Week; MSNBC
  2. Let's look, ASSIGNMENT #5; Light
  3. Due next week: ASSIGNMENT #6; Covering a Live Event
  4. Lesson; LIGHT part II; Flash Use
  5. Photojournalist Paper. Have you made contact yet?
  6. History of Photojournalism; Jacob Riis & Lewis Hine
  7. Bring your camera to class next week, ready to use
  8. UPSTATE NY; Brenda Ann Kenneally
  9. CROSSES; Carmine Galasso
  10. NEXT WEEK; Bring three ideas for your final project for discussion.