FALL '08 ASSIGNMENT #3, Selective Focus

(Due 9/29/08)
Selective Focus

SELECTIVE FOCUS is a technique in which one portion of a photograph is in focus, while other elements are blurred out-of-focus. The photographer makes the choice. Remember, the viewer's eye is naturally drawn toward the part of the photo that is in sharp focus. This is achieved by careful focus and employing shallow depth of field through the use of a wide aperture. The subject is isolated from its surroundings, through focus and depth-of-field.

Find any subject that is red, can be person or object.
Make two separate photos focused on just the red subject. Only the red subject should be in focus. The background and other object should not be in focus.
1. In the first photo, use your wide-angle lens.
2. In the second, use your telephoto.

Using depth-of-field and selective focus, try to isolate the subject from its surroundings to create a clean, sharp image. Be mindful of the technical issues we’ve discussed in class; such as DOF, movement. Review examples shown in class.

This is a creative and technical assignment. Make strong expressive photos!
Shoot different angles, work the subject.

*Students must complete:
1. Select (1) best photo one of each.
2. use Photoshop to edit images.
3. Be sure to include a caption.
franklin_ sf_wide.JPG,
franklin_ sf_tele.JPG
5. Place images in the “drop folder”
(remember to save a copy for yourself to you folder)

Guide to Photojournalism
By Brian Horton
Read pages 1-27 “Introduction”

Visual Journalism
By Christopher Harris & Paul Martin Lester
Read pages 63-86, CHAPTER 4
Documentary Assignments & Manipulated Assignments

Read this: http://lexardigital.typepad.com/davidhonl/2006/02/captioning_your.html