FALL '08 WEEK 2 -September 15, 2008

1. MSNBC'S Ike's Impact slideshow, and more Ike
2. Any work-flow issues?
3. ASSIGNMENT #1, Self Portrait
4. What is Photojournalism?
5. What photos have had an impact on you?
6. Ethic's & Responsibility of a photojournalist.
7.Photo Basic's PART I.
8. ASSIGNMENT #2, Depth-of-field & Motion.

-please read & follow assignment instructions carefully!
-remember to check email regularly.
-be sure to LOG-OUT at end of class each week.
-be sure to caption & slug images correctly BEFORE placing in DROP folder.
-be sure assignment number and description is included in caption.
-bring camera, with charged batteries, to class each week.
-bring out-take images to class, store in your SLICE folder.
-if u miss an assignment you will lose points. be sure to submit ASAP.
-you are responsible for all material on the BLOG and in the powerpoint, even if we do not cover all the material in class.