FRANKLIN'S TOP-10 REASONS you will get an A in this class:
10. It ain't rocket science.
9. They say, "A picture's worth a thousand words" and you want to prove it.
8. Because you will come to class on-time.
7. Because you will be an active and thoughtful participant in classroom discussions.
6. You will laugh at my weak jokes & silly insight's. (The more u laugh, the better ur photos look)
5. So....you say you need to pass this class to graduate?
4. Because you always wanted to learn Photoshop.
3. You you will NEVER use Photoshop to get rid of your boyfriend's I love u Mom tattoo...or any other content from a photo.
2. Because you never knew, until now, that a photograph could change the world.
1. Photojournalism is soooo much more interesting than Professor Sforza's dull newspaper class.